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Up-and-Coming Musicians to Watch Out For

The music industry is booming in many cities around the world, and there are so many new acts to keep up with these days that we can’t seem to keep them all straight. It can be intimidating for any music lover to sort through all of these buzzy new releases to find the truly great music, so we’ve decided to do it for you.

Here are a few of the best new musicians that are worth a listen ASAP:

Alessia Caracara

You’ve likely heard this singer-songwriter’s first single Here, a dark but catchy tune that made fans of both pop and alternative lovers alike. Although Cara is only 19, her songwriting is incredibly relatable, and her voice has a sexy maturity to it that really draws you in. She released her debut album last November, but we’re excited to see what she does next. She’s appeared as a guest artist on other tracks in the past, so maybe there are more collaborations in her future?

The Districts

This band has been cited by many people as one of the best new bands over the past few years, and although they may not have reached household name status yet, they definitely will soon. Their sound is that of very deep, soulful rock, that draws you in from the very beginning of a song and won’t let you go until long after it’s finished. Be sure to try and catch them live if you can, as they sound even better up on stage.










This new dream-pop sensation hails from Norway and has a distinctively Scandinavian sound that we just can’t get enough of. Her voice is haunting, but when paired with her folksy-electro tunes, it makes the perfect combination for exciting new sounds. She got her start posting her songs online, but quickly caught the attention of Glassnote Records and Decca Records, who have released her first EP and album. Although her music can be quite dark, it’s the perfect addition to a rainy day at home, curled up with a book.

Jack Garratt

If you are a fan of moody, soulful acts like Hozier and James Bay, Jack Garratt takes that sound to another level by combining it with a distinct R&B undertone that’s unlike anything else you’ve been hearing lately. Many of his singles have already been quite popular online, and he’s opened for major acts like Mumford & Sons, but the best of Garratt is yet to come as his debut album has now been released and he’s continuing to tour.


If you want uber-catchy new pop hits, Daya is your next go-to girl. Her single ‘Hide Away’ has been gaining momentum for several months now, and her first album was released in October, combining influences from pop, R&B, and electronic music. She’s also been featured on songs with the Chainsmokers, another great up-and-coming band. Although this artist is young, she’s definitely got pipes, and we’re excited to hear more from her.