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Best Music Cities in the United States

Are you a music lover? Whether you just really enjoy listening to it, or you are somehow involved with music professionally, there are certain cities in the US that have amazing music scenes that you will definitely want to be involved with. Here’s our list of the cities you should check out, ranging from the iconic to the hot, new, and up-and-coming.


nashvilleYou can’t think about Nashville without thinking of music, and one visit to downtown makes it clear that the stereotype is completely true: everyone here is involved with country music, whether they are trying to land a deal, already have one, or work for a label as a producer, writer, or manager. You can easily wander around town with no plans and find live music to listen to here, and many of the city’s restaurants and bars double as some of the most famous music venues in the country.


The city has long been known as the birthplace of grunge, and was the notorious home of Kurt Cobain and other ‘90s icons. The tradition lives on, and the city continues to be a wonderful place for rock and alternative music lovers and bands to live and enjoy. As a big tour stop for many musicians, you’ll also have a great array of big name acts to choose from whenever you go out.


This unique Texas city is home to some of the best venues in the country, as well as two of the biggest music and culture festivals: Austin City Limits and South by Southwest. Heading out to see a show is a regular part of virtually everyone’s weekend fun here, and many small bars and restaurants host live music on a very consistent schedule. This is a particularly great place for indie rock, alternative, and country music lovers and musicians, as it’s a guaranteed tour stop for most of your favorite bands, and virtually everyone in this creative city has great taste. The video production scene in this vibrant city is also booming. If you’re interested in joining video production companies in Austin there are ample opportunities to be found.

New Orleans

new-orleansAs the birthplace of American jazz, this city is consistently cited as one of the best in the world for music, let alone the United States. The sounds here are like nothing you’ll hear anywhere else – it’s a great blend of jazz, blues, reggae, classical, and much more. There are plenty of places to either relax and listen to some soothing jazz or attend a raucous live show, whatever you are into.

Los Angeles

Many entertainers move here to get their start, and many huge stars live here as well, so it’s no surprise that this huge city ranks as one of the best places for music in the US. Whether you enjoy indie rock at underground dives, EDM at exclusive venues, or pop at big arenas, there’s something here for you to listen to. Aspiring musicians also have plenty to do in LA, as many record labels are based here. It’s not unrealistic to expect to catch the eye of a producer next time you’re playing at a local club here.